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Vukovics Gyula
Escape to the Russian front
Méret: A/5 (145 x 205 mm)
Oldalszám: 486 oldal
Borító: Karton
ISBN:: 978-615-00-2532-2

Kiadó: Szerzői kiadás

Postaköltség: 990 Ft

The heavy burden of the economic crisis afflicting the whole world, fell upon Hungary drowning under the losses of the world war, and the loss of territories and some of its people.  Our history begins in the small town on the “Alfold” [Prairie or Flatland] the narrow limits of which bind, hand and foot, the poor and rich alike.

This novel is a modern ballad of the hunter in the human jungle.  It covers such times when the prohibition of hunting for human beings is annulled not just for a season but for long years.

While the second worldwide conflagration is being prepared, our heroes are looking for a way out to a better life, when at the same time their opportunities keep getting narrower.  In a world drifting towards war, the Vinkl family together with all other Hungarian families helplessly tremble from the horrors of the struggles to be fought with forever developing military techniques. 

However life does not stop.  The will to live seemingly quickens the rhythm, and increases the demands.  Young people break through the narrow confines of the traditions of the  lives of their parents and grandparents.

Already not as a young man, the head of the Vinkl family gets drawn into the grinding wheels of war.  He becomes wounded while fighting; however, at home he is quickly recovering  in the circle of his family. But his young daughter carries on a relationship with a married older man and becomes pregnant.  The father  surprises the famer living on his farm, and calls the irresponsible man to account for his treacherous promises.  The farmer attacking with his whip nearly overcomes the desperate father; but in the scuffle he loses his balance and becomes fatally wounded.

The soldier who thus became a murderer, runs home from the farm of the dead famer, and having received a military telegram that day, returns to the army.  He is arranging his matters in dread and for him the new service at the front is an escape.  The girl and her seducer kept their guilty relationship a secret before their families and surroundings; thereforeduring the investigation of this criminal act no light is thrown on the relationship.  The soldier father, meanwhile, drifts on the Ukrainian front among series of defeats.

Even Cpl. Vinkl couldn’t avoid captivity.  Among the sufferings caused by hunger and typhoid epidemics, his guilty conscienceis left behind.  It is only the will to live and the hope of returning home that makes him able for the daily struggle to survive in the camp.

The front passes through the borders of the country; the small town is fallen.  However, the horror of being carried off to Soviet hard labour, for those with German names, catches up with the surviving Vinkl family.  The daughter of the Vinkl’s, sacrifices herself for the family.  Father and daughter suffer in camps on Russian territory, close but not knowing anything about each other.

 The father survives the horrors of the camp; but his daughter becomes a victim of hunger and epidemics.  The father is finally transported home together with other prisoners still alive.  The seriously ill husband, and father, learns to eat, walk, and live, through a slow recovery.


Ára: 4 000 Ft